Our Mission

Join us in our mission.

When we ride, everybody wins.

Riding for a cure. It seems self-explanatory why we are here, however, everyday someone else in the Kansas City area is diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Many of those inflicted with this disease deal with pain on a daily basis while others struggle to walk. The MS Bike Tour will push you to the limits, but your pain and tired legs will heal. That is why we ride. So those with Multiple Sclerosis can heal as well.

Our team goes beyond training and riding for this bike tour. We share a common love of cycling. Riding the open road, checking out the local scenery and enjoying the commeraderie of friends and teammates. We share our thoughts and ideas of riding better and safer. We enjoy good hearted competition and how it improves our cycling skills. It doesn't matter if you are young, old or somewhere in between, we invite you to join us.

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